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Anthony Santangelo

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Our firm handles most legal areas but we specialize in Intellectual Property, Business Advisement and Excellence!
We help Inventors get their ideas to market!

Mr. Santangelo is a frequent speaker and is the founder of The Inventor's Laboratory, a training forum for Inventors.
Mr. Santangelo also presides over The Peerless Chef, a group dedicated to bringing home innovations to market.
We do Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Business Formation and Advice. We are small business experts and can help your business flourish. We are especially focused on helping new hi-tech companies protect their inventions and bring them to market. We provide seminars and training in IP matters.

We can help with Provisional Applications and Non-Provisional Patent Applications.  We can help with Trade Secrets, Design Patents and Plant Patents.
We can also help you with Bankruptcy if you need it.
We help protect consumers from unsafe automobiles by enforcing Lemon Law provisions. We do real estate Tax Appeals and help seniors obtain Tax Savings.  We do Expungements.
Please be assured that all clients and prospective clients will be treated with dignity and respect. All of your private matters will be held in the strictest confidence.
Mr. Santangelo is admitted to practice law in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. He is a registered Patent Attorney, No. 61,448.
Our offices are located conveniently in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Center City Philadelphia, New York, Washington, DC or other meeting locations are easily arranged.
Call Us! Speak directly to an attorney! Your Initial Consultation is always low cost! Our rates are always fair and reasonable. We strive to be very competitive with area law firms.
 We may even be able to meet with you in or close to your home!

The Law Offices of Anthony Santangelo, Esq is a Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Cherry Hill New Jersey Law firm.


Our Firm

The Law Offices of Anthony Santangelo, Esq., MBA 

385 Kings Highway North, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034

Philadelphia meeting space available.

Mail To: P.O. Box 311, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

Phone + VM: (856) 371-4454

FAX: (856) 324-0359


Are you trying to develop an idea but lack the resources you need to complete it?  Visit our friends at Innovative X and become part of a community of innovation!

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